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Vegetarian or Mediterranean diet, which is more effective?

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Mediterranean diet And the A vegetarian dietWhat are the differences? Which diet is more effective? You want attention to your line, to Weight loss, But you are not familiar with these feeding methods. Here are the benefits of these two currently pioneering systems.

Combining fun with weight loss is possible! Locafor or the Mediterranean, there are many diets around the world. It is up to you to choose between the Mediterranean diet and the vegetarian diet, two completely different but may satisfy you! Before starting a diet, consult a doctor or dietitian.

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is a way of eating that many people practice in Greece and southern Italy. A way to eat with pleasure, while paying attention to your personality.

The primary foods for this diet are whole grains, fruits and vegetables, garlic, onions, or use olive oil. Because yes, olive oil is an excellent alternative to fats. The Legumes She is also at the heart of this diet. In addition to being our weight ally, it is virtuous and full of energy and vitamins.

This diet is not forbidden, but it draws attention to the fact that it is necessary to eat chicken, eggs, sweet foods and red meat in moderation.

What is a vegetarian diet?

The vegetarian diet, also called vegan Vegetarian food It aims to eliminate any product of animal origin. Then we talk about meat, about PoissonEggs, dairy products or even honey. Unlike the Mediterranean Diet, the vegetarian version is not primarily about weight loss. It is first and foremost a commitment to combat animal malaise and to avoid industrial products as much as possible, and to prefer home-made products, with a tendency for locafor and Do not roar.

On this diet, fill your basket with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and oilseeds. However, it is recommended to eat regularly Alternative plant foodsRich in vitamins and iron like vegan steak …

In addition to its benefits for our weight, this diet helps prevent certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Weight loss, what is the most effective diet?

According to a study published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, The plant-based diet appears to be the big winner. In fact, according to the researchers, this feeding method would have resulted in participant loss 6 kilos in sixteen weeks. While following the Mediterranean Diet, no major changes have been noticed yet.

« Previous studies indicated that Mediterranean and vegetarian diets improve body weight and heart disease risk factors, but so far their relative effectiveness has not been compared in a randomized trial. We decided to test the diets head-on and found that a vegetarian diet was more effective in improving health indicators and increasing weight loss.Hana Kahlyova, lead author of the study, explains.

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