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Venice Lobby | The NRA was arrested by the New York Justice

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(New York) The iconic US arms lobby, the National Rifle Association (NRA), could be sued in New York, as a Manhattan judge ruled on Thursday, thwarting plans for the association that it thought would go unpunished. Declaring bankruptcy.

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The organization was attacked with several of its leaders in early August by the New York State Attorney, Letitia James, and attacked the organization in mid-January by filing for bankruptcy in federal court in Dallas.

Bankruptcy in New York, Moving to Texas

The maneuver aims to protect itself from this action, by relocating its headquarters to Texas, a state more personal weapons preferable than New York.

On Thursday, however, Judge Joel Cohen rejected the NRA’s arguments and confirmed that the proceedings would continue in New York, according to a statement from Attorney General James. The judge’s order was not on file until Thursday afternoon.

The New York attorney general has primarily targeted the Union’s number one executive vice president, Wayne Lapier, at the helm since 1991.

Safari, private jet and cruise

The leader is accused of corruption and embezzlement, in collusion with those close to him.

He would have used the private aircraft of the Natural Resources Authority for personal purposes or took advantage of the benefits in kind (safaris or cruises) provided by service providers in the organization.

Letitia James also calls for the dissolution of the lobby that has undermined its bylaws.

“The NRA does not dictate whether or where to respond to its administration,” the New York State Attorney General said in the statement.

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“We thank the court for allowing this process to continue, and we look forward to accountability from the NRA,” she added.

In response to an AFP question, the NRA’s lawyers did not immediately follow up.

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