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Video. Distrust of science is increasing

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This crisis has damaged the scientific discourseThis is what Emily Aubry, CEO of Elan Edelman, notes. Edelman Confidence Scale measures status confidence at 28 Countries, in all institutions, including Science. HIn 2020, in the midst of the health crisis, the proportion of French people who trust science is 61%, a decrease of 17%. “As for the scientific conversation, first of all, what is important to take into account is that we are dealing with an emerging pathology and yet, even if our temporary is immediate and we want to get answers very quickly, temporary health is not at all the same thing.Amelie Aubrey explains.

According to Amelie Aubrey, back and forth and back offIt caused the loss of citizens’ confidence in scientific discourse. “What we see, if I go back to the citizens, and here they are the citizens of the world, but the French trends are in the same line, is that we have 50% of the citizens who think that the government makes some kind of pressure on the scientists so that the scientists can testify to good decisions or government policy. Good on health mattersEvolve.

According to Elan Edelman’s general manager, what will help rebuild the scientific voice will be performance and results on the ground, vaccination campaigns, and also the performance of vaccines. “Certainly, the scientific word is destroyed, but this is the same science that found a vaccine in 6 months, and this is the same science that allows us to spread it and that gives us a form of hope for a way out of the crisis soon.Amelie Aubrey adds.

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