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Video Games | Twitch Star Breaks Duration, Followers Records

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(San Francisco) A Twitch star filmed himself live and almost continuously for 31 days, a record on the video game streaming platform, according to the commercial press.

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“Since I started broadcasting – Prince Philip died – the Suez Canal was blocked and then opened – David Dobrik gave two video clips of an apology – Jesus died and rose again,” Ludwig Aggren tweeted on April 11th.

This player, who was very popular before its exploitation, launched on March 14th a “subathon” or “subscription marathon”, which consists of staying online according to the number of new subscriptions that have been subscribed (“subscription” or “subscription”).

In the beginning, he plans to add 20 seconds of broadcast time to each new subscription to his channel. It costs $ 5 a month and gives access to the perks.

In the face of massive interest, he had to redefine his rules, according to news site The Verge: 10 seconds more instead of 20, with a maximum of 100 signups per person, and a maximum of 31 days.

The broadcast expired Tuesday, after 31 days of live broadcasting, and Ludwig Ahgren broke the subscription record, previously held by platform star Ninja.

“Records are made to shatter. I’d be lying if I said I’m not a little sad, but glory to LudwigAhgren for holding the new sub-record on Twitch,” Tyler Blevins tweeted Tuesday, Ninja, one of the most popular and followed players, said Tuesday. In the world.

On April 10, banners announced that Spathon would end on April 13 at 9 pm on the West Coast of the United States and that it would donate $ 5 for every subscription earned that day to two charities, the Humane Society and St. Jude.

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It is now the third most popular on the Amazon platform (according to Twitch Tracker), with 2.65 million users following its channel.

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