Videos | America’s Got Talent: Quebecers wow judges

Quebec is doing well in american talents. At the end of the televised auditions, five local artists won the televised competition judges.

“It’s really exciting to see Quebec’s talent recognized on such a big stage. I don’t understand why none of us could win the show this year,” says Alexandra Cote.

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The young woman from Thetford Mines impresses Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara with the help of two of her Border Collie, Tesla and Luca, in an episode that aired last month. The person who devoted a whole year to her dog training center sees it american talents Favorite offer for his company.

“My main purpose of the show is to introduce myself. I have already received a lot of messages since my audio broadcast, so it worked. The grand prize will obviously help me improve my position and provide other services… but that will be a bonus.”

Alexandra Kot

NBC Trey Patton’s photo

Alexandra Kot

His words echo those of Raphael Dube of the duo Les Beaux-frères. The tandem, completed by Johann Tribanier, made the four judges burst into laughter with a naughty routine, combining dance and acrobatics, appearing on stage with simple instruments each. Posted by .’s Facebook pageamerican talents, Hearing has so far accumulated more than 10 million views.

“Every time we present that number somewhere, it reignites the buzz. It’s a great insight and a way for us to be discovered by more people every time,” explains Raphael Dube.

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The two men are already used to standing that big, having already posed the same problem all over Quebec and Europe. We saw them, among other things, performing on stage The biggest nightclub in the world Based on France has incredible talentهبة, both in France.

Milligad Tremblay Bouchard

NBC Trey Patton’s photo

Milligad Tremblay Bouchard

Of course, experience reduces the level of stress before each service. But when you start without a net – and without underwear – the tension still matters at all.

Show this number to american talentsIt was one of the most stressful experiences of my life,” says Raphael Dube.

Milligad Tremblay Bouchard also earned the jury plaudits thanks to her ring number that she performed on the great American stage. call him Newspaper, Quebec, revealed, however, that it has been excluded from the competition since its hearing.

Because, a little-known fact, production must move to certain omissions at the end of the audition round to limit the number of artists accepted into the live stage.

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