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Vincent Guillaume Otis addresses the end of his character in District 31

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After 720 passionately filmed episodes over the past six years, the cameras closed on Friday, March 25th, at District 31 And the entire team that made it. The media participated in this important event, addressing the artists and craftsmen who contributed to the company’s tremendous success.

In this context, we were able to chat with Vincent-Guillaume Otis, who from day one played Detective Sergeant Patrick Bissonnette, a character that Quebecers adopted as a friend in their living rooms, every night of the week. The actor is the one who spent most of the filming days on all of this adventure, over 650. However, yesterday, he was as energetic as possible.

In all humility, I think I am made to do so. “It starts from the beginning.” I think I have this energy. I’m good with people, I’m good when I have a job that motivates me. I am a challenging person. I, during District 31, have built two homes, have three children, one of whom is of county age. There, I don’t get all the credit, my friend is a saint, she is so extraordinary that she continued to work there. It’s awesome, I wouldn’t have done it alone. »

The actor is still talking about Haddad by the end of this project: “ Yes, it’s an artistic blacksmith, but it’s also a lifestyle I’m letting go. »

Add : ” I feel very good, I feel calm. I really feel accomplished. I say that in all humility. I never, at the end of a project, felt like I had reached the end of all the possibilities a character could offer me. […] Patrick Bissonnette, I go to his fingertips, I know him by heart, and sometimes I tell myself I know him more than Luke does. I feel really good. »

Regarding the conclusion of the series and the end of his character, Vincent Guillaume Otis was able to tell us this: “ It’s going to be a great ending, that’s all I can say. There will be no luster. We have taken advantage of everything. Patrick went everywhere, and did everything, across the board, podiums. Patrick has gone through everything, so it will have a well deserved end. He’ll pull RRSP out of his emotions, it’s a picture I give. It will end well for him. He would chase after what he had to do and, like Vincent Guillaume Otis, would leave saying, “I did all I had to do.” »

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We recall that His partner, Gildor Roy, also gave us some clues about the ending here.

On April 21st, we’ll be attending the series finale, as prepared by author Luc Dionne. This producer and producer Fabien Laroche were able to tell us that.

For the occasion, Radio Canada has also planned a very special program to celebrate the end of this beautiful and wonderful television history. Details here.

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