Voices speak out against the purchase of new combat aircraft

About 100 musicians, politicians, authors and academics sent an open letter to Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on Wednesday, opposing his government’s plan to buy “futile, dangerous and climate-destroying combat aircraft”.

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The letter calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to abandon his plan to buy 88 new fighter jets that could exceed $77 billion, according to estimates by the No Fighter Jets alliance.

Canadian music signers include Neil Young, Sarah Harmer, Tiegan, Sarah, and composers Jan Martel, Gabor Mate, and Michael Ondaatje.

The No New Fighter Jets for Canada Declaration was also signed by environmentalists David Suzuki and Naomi Klein, as well as two MPs, four former MPs, senator and former diplomat Stephen Lewis.

International figures such as rock legend Roger Waters, actress Daryl Hannah and Professor Noam Chomsky have also supported this call.

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