Warning from Health Canada against Protegel Quebec and Hangel Canada disinfectants

caution. These respectively hand sanitizers and hard surfaces produced by Protegel Quebec and Hangel Canada are unauthorized and pose health risks according to Public Health Canada.

And federal authorities have urged residents to stop using these companies’ products or to consult a health professional if their disinfectants are already being used.

An analysis of the ingredients for these unauthorized products showed “a concentration of ethanol below the recommended limit to be effective.” According to the federal agency, “Unauthorized products may contain unknown ingredients that would be harmful if used or consumed.”

Protegel Quebec Inc. And Hangel Canada Inc. On several occasions they stop selling these products and take them back. So far, neither company has responded to these requests, the ministry said in a press release.

He also announced that appropriate measures will be taken to end the online sale of these or other products that do not meet the requirements of the Canadian Ministry of Health. The list of approved products is published on the ministry’s website.

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