Washing a surgical mask is better than a cloth mask

Procedural masks have been found among the wrecks throughout the cities. However, these discarded masks are still effective, as revealed by a team of French researchers.

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Jean-Pierre Alcaraz, design engineer at Grenoble Alps University’s TIMC laboratory, explained with microphone Richard Martineau, on QUB Radio.

Washing is rather simple: All you have to do is wash the masks by machine or by hand, the engineer specifies. To reduce the risk, it is better to give preference to the procedural mask.

“What we have shown is that these fabric masks perform inferior to surgical masks, they filter 90%. They are safer and they protect better, five times better. When you don’t have a mask for six minutes, you release many more,” Mr. Alcaraz added. Particles as with a surgical mask in five hours and a cloth mask in one hour.

Masks can be washed and then sterilized even by another person. However, this practice needs to be tested on a larger scale before it can be applied on a large scale.

However, these recommendations do not apply to N95 masks.

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