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WATCH: A very bold strategy in KHL!

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Sergei Fedorov used a very bold strategy in the KHL match on Saturday.

The former NHL star, now head coach of CSKA Moscow, has successfully retired his goalkeeper…in overtime.

Fedorov called his goalkeeper to the bench in favor of a fourth player since the start of the 3-3 game.

Then Vladislav Kamenev, former Colorado Avalanche forward, scored the decisive goal to allow CSKA to save themselves with a 5-4 win over HC Neftekhimik of Nizhnekamsk. To see here:

Fedorov has already won other such bets since taking charge of CSKA.

However, this was the first time this season, which is just beginning. This was only CSKA’s second match.

Fedorov tried the same maneuver twice in December 2021, and each time he won. However, Fedorov got his own taste a few weeks later, when he pulled the side of his goalkeeper and scored before he had a chance to do so.

A prospect in the NHL?

Thus, the big question is whether such a strategy can see the light of day with one of the 32 teams in the National League.

Even if the statistics show that it is a feasible and beneficial strategy for the team implementing it, compromise can dampen the enthusiasm of some.

According to the Bettman Tour rulebook, “A team may remove a goalkeeper in favor of another skater. However, if a team loses a game after the goalkeeper is removed, the latter will also forfeit the point earned after playing a tie at the end of regulatory time.

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However, this rule does not apply if the goalkeeper is removed due to a late penalty.

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