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“We must not jeopardize all our efforts,” says Erin O’Toole, Canada 2021 elections

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We must not jeopardize all our efforts for games or political gainErin O’Toole was fired during a press conference after her Liberal opponent and outgoing Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that elections would be held on September 20 in Canada.

Justin Trudeau He knows there is a fourth wavesaid Mr. O’Toole, telling himself Disappointed The liberal leader’s decision to plunge the country into an election campaign After allowing the delta variable to enter this country.

However, the Conservative Party leader believes that voters have an important choice to make in light of The next four years.

Six years ago, we promised solutions. And year after year, Justin Trudeau is dumping Canadians. The result? Stressed families who find it difficult to pay their bills. People who worry about the cost of food, shelter and heatingMr. O’Toole added.

What is the response of the Liberal Party? He asks you to reward him with another four years. Four more years of making false promises, doing the bare minimum and failing Canadians.

Quote from:Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

What about the bloc and the National Party and the Greens? Like liberals, they want to spend your money. They are all alikeThe leader who addressed topics dear to conservatives by promisingWorking to protect Canadians from increased costs of living, taxes and reduced quality of services.

I ask for your trustListed his five priorities: a million jobs (he mentioned the energy, timber and aluminum sectors), and a tough new anti-corruption law, Mr. O’Toole said, Action In mental health, Canadian-made medical supplies and a balanced budget within a decade.

In the French part of his speech, he added the sixth part, which appeared to be intended for Quebec voters: solutions to labor shortages. Many Quebec stakeholders have already questioned the impact of the federal government’s emergency benefits (PCU, PCRE) on the ability to find staff to meet needs in many economic sectors.

Tests instead of compulsory vaccination

While Justin Trudeau reiterated his intention to force vaccination on federal officials, Erin O’Toole indicated that his strategy would instead be to encourage unvaccinated people to continue to wear a mask and get rapid COVID-19 tests regularly. male concept Reasonable precautions.

We need to encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinatedHowever, the conservative leader said, recalling that he and his wife were vaccinated, after contracting COVID-19.

I am disappointed with Mr. Trudeau’s strategy […] To confuse and divide people about issues that affect their healthMr. O’Toole said.

We must learn without coercion, and we must work together against the fourth wave of COVID-19.

Quote from:Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

But the Conservative Party leader stressed that he would Respect and support Decisions of regional governments in health matters, such as the decision to use the Quebec vaccination passport.

When a reporter asked her if all of her candidates had been vaccinated, Erin O’Toole said All our candidates will work hard in this field and respect all health measureswithout answering the question directly.

Mr. O’Toole was in the media room set up by the Conservatives in Ottawa, but promised to visit several locations in Canada during the campaign.

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Finally, regarding the situation in Afghanistan, Mr. O’Toole, himself a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, said his thoughts were with the families of soldiers who served in that country. We will stand up for dignity and human rights as a government, which Justin Trudeau did not do, promise.

Conservatives formed the official opposition in the last parliament. They had 119 seats when the House of Commons was dissolved.

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