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Weather Network – Pictures – Planet Mars as you’ve never seen it before!

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The probe was launched in 2020, and reached the Red Planet in May 2021. Since then, Tianwen-1 has traveled from top to bottom on Mars to take never-before-seen images of the planet. Nearly 1,300 rounds of the planet have been made in order to see Mars from all angles.

Crimson sand dunes, huge craters and deep canyons: impressive landscapes. You can even see the steep cliffs at Valles Marineris, which is one of the most impressive cliffs in the solar system.

Taking stunning photos wasn’t Tianwen-1’s only job. In fact, several scientific instruments were also part of the journey to collect data on the Martian environment. In total, approximately 1040 Gig of raw data were collected across the region. This will make it possible to improve the existing databases and, eventually, to better understand the Red Planet.

The information has already been shared with NASA and the European Space Agency, and will eventually be available to all researchers.

Tianwen-1 will continue to conduct tests and prepare for other missions.

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