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What are its effects on you?

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Bad mood, itchy eyes, sudden yawning … Through numerous studies (including a recent study conducted in Argentina and the United States), science confirms what our ancestors already knew: the full moon plays a role in our sleep pattern, beyond bedtime and nights Shorter in the days leading up to it.

Blame the brightness? Perhaps, but scientists are also working on the hypothesis that there is a circular rhythm, much like the circadian rhythm that our body clock operates on.

Currently, this circular rhythm has not been proven in humans, but it has been observed in some marine animals, which sleep lighter during this period, possibly to be less easy prey for nocturnal predators.

Impact on childbirth?

In 2013, a Swiss paper was published in the journal Current Biology He was one of the first to demonstrate the potential effect of the phases of the moon (spanning 29.5 days) on human behavior or physiology (sexual desire, hormone secretion, diseases, psychological differences, physical performance …) while this popular belief dates back to ancient times.

In 2020, an Indian publication He shed light on these changes, explaining that they could be due to changes in the force of the lunar gravitational pull on the surface of the earth, or to changes in the “biological tide” or to a change in the electromagnetic field of the earth and the illumination of the moon.

On the other hand, no large-scale study has succeeded in showing, so far, that a full moon leads to childbirth or accidents or affects hair growth or bleaches laundry … Astrology enthusiasts agree on the fact that it brings light to minds, encourages introspection and focus.

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In any case, one thing is for sure for all gardeners: if the full moon is clearly visible, then this means that the sky is clear, and therefore low temperatures … Beware of frost in the morning!

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