A new strategy to accelerate changes

Infection of a patient and the vaccinations of his relatives. This is in essence the new vaccine strategy recommended by the Supreme Authority of Health. ” HAS recommends a reactive vaccination strategy “,” he calls the enterprise in a Notice Released on June 21.

At the request of the Directorate General of Health, this new battle plan has been prepared. his goal? Completing the Test-Alert-Protect strategy in the context of deploying emerging variables. ” With the decline of the Covid-19 epidemic, new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are of particular interest and raise many questions: the question of virus transmissibility, the severity of infections or immune escape. Compared to the different vaccines available “,” refers to HAS. Anonymous The Foundation hopes to reduce their impact with this new measure.

But what is it concretely? ” The so-called cross-vaccination strategy consists of immunizing all persons surrounding the cases (i.e. all individuals in the focus of the detected case, persons in their workplace and/or at school/university) HAS explains. Therefore, a new code of conduct is designed to reduce the number of secondary pollutions and consequently the spread of emerging variables on the national territory. ” Available data indicate that mRNA vaccines offer better post-dose efficacy as well as earlier onset of protection. (…) In the present situation, the use of mRNA vaccines should be preferred under such an intervention. ”, defines the health organization.

A strategy whose success depends on many factors. That is, the commitment of the population to the vaccine, the speed of response to the vaccine from the discovery of the first case, and finally the immediate mobilization of the chain of care. ” carry out this [stratégie] It requires rapid mobilization of all actors to administer the vaccine in places frequented by those around the cases, for example by means of a mobile team intermediary or ephemeral immunization centers, but also to all health professionals in the city and in occupational medicine », HAS details.

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Despite the café balconies filling up, this turmoil reminds us that the facade is not yet clear…

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