Facebook will add podcasts to its mobile app

The social media giant will also add audio creation tools, short and private audio formats chat rooms Live audio, inspired by the successful Clubhouse platform, where netizens listen to or participate in discussions without pictures.

More than 170 million people have already logged into hundreds of thousands of podcast pages on Facebook and over 35 million are members of podcast fan groups, but so far you had to leave the Facebook app to listen to the broadcast., Fidji Simo, in charge of the platform’s mobile application, notes in a press release.

And since it’s still hard to find the podcasts you love, we’ll make it easy for you to find new titles and shows based on your interests., And she adds.

Chat rooms can be accessed by summer

Facebook has been increasing its efforts for years to keep up with the latest trends and follow the uses of the smaller segments of the population, especially by emulating the new shapes and networks that take off. The Californian company added in August Rollers On Instagram, it transcribes short videos which can be found on the very popular TikTok social network.

Under the influence of Zoom video conferencing service, Clubhouse, Facebook has also expanded its live video and audio functions.

On Monday, the group said it would test Live audio galleries Among the tens of millions of active groups on the platform. It should be available to all its users by summer.

It will also be possible to use the new audio creation tools, in particular for recording My voice (Audio clips), A format that will be tested in the coming months. It could be, for example, poems, tales or comic drawings.

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Podcasts and audio formats were popular before the pandemic, but containment measures and the fatigue of time spent in front of screens have increased tenfold enthusiasm for platforms that allow you to listen to content or interact without distracting your eyes from your laptop or laptop. the computer.

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