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What is a digital agency: what does it do, and what are the main methods of promotion

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Digital agencies are companies that provide digital services to clients. One of the most popular areas of work for HellaGood.Marketing is brand promotion through digital channels.

Internet Marketing: Types of Companies

Let’s look at the main types of such companies

1. Web studio. The specialists of these agencies create websites, mobile versions of portals, and applications for gadgets.

2. Website development company. Such an agency specializes in creating various types of sites, for example, an online store, a portal, a business card, and more.

3. Marketing agency. The company offers services related to the creation of advertising on the Internet. This includes banner and contextual advertising, promotion in search engines, social networks and e-mail distributions.

What is a digital agency?

This term refers to a company that offers services for creating resources on the Internet and promotion. On the website of the HellaGood.Marketing agency, you can get acquainted with the services provided in detail. Such companies have become the largest participants in the Internet business.

The main methods of promotion in a digital agency

There are certain methods of promotion that a digital agency uses in its practice. Next, we will look at the most popular methods.


This includes tools that are used to manage reputation. The main task of a specialist is to create a positive reputation for the client on the Internet. To do this, it is studied where the brand is mentioned, after which positive comments are published on third-party sites.

2. SEO

This method uses search engine optimization to bring the site to the top positions in search engines. Specialists analyze the portal, study the features of competitors, create a core with queries and optimize the content.

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3. SMM

This method implies a set of tools that are used to promote the brand in social networks. HellaGood.Marketing specialists create and publish content according to a predetermined plan.

4. Email marketing

This service includes sending by e-mail. The main purpose of this type of marketing is to increase the level of trust in the brand, increase sales and promote the company. Emails are sent to the addresses of the target audience. Regular and potential customers will be able to learn about new products or promotional programs.

Marketing agency and digital: differences

The main goal of a marketing agency is to solve the basic needs of customers. This includes the creation of design solutions, branding, and development of advertising programs. Another marketing agency HellaGood.Marketing promotes sites in search engines.

The digital agency specializes only in advertising on the Internet. Such companies have many departments that are engaged in different areas, for example, the creation and promotion of sites and banner advertising. The digital agency offers a comprehensive solution to issues.


If you want to succeed in promoting a resource on the Internet, then contact a digital agency where a full range of services is available. In this case, you will receive a full range of services related to promotion on the Internet.

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