What is the difference between business intelligence and data science?

Right now, to help make the decision and visualize the actions that are supposed to lead to the expected success, data science is on the rise. It would definitely be less important without relying on a foundation, the business intelligence foundation.

Futura actually painted a portrait of a modern phenomenon: Data Science »That is, the organization’s ability to analyze, extract and coordinate quantities of data to present it in a visual and effective way. It is about identifying and presenting forward-looking directions. A mission led by Prof. Data Scientist Who must develop methods to answer questions and imagine future hypotheses based on important data. Data science is known to be reactive and puts itself on hold.

Know that this data science should not be confused with another science called ” Business intelligence Here again, it’s about analyzing data from big data in order to aid decision-making. More than defining future features, Business intelligence Instead it focuses on the past. It is the kind of work of a historian that allows us to understand the past well by drawing on data and developing an accurate description of the past and the present. Any Data Science Training in Toronto could brush up your concepts on its methodolgies and algorithms to get a better insight.

Business intelligence experts can provide data scientists with reports on current trends. How ? By collecting and classifying raw data into an organized database known as a “data warehouse”. Creating reports and dashboards is even easier by any Tableau Course in Toronto. Once the data is organized, it is presented in the form of a synthetic dashboard. From this perspective, the expert will be able, for example, to verify the successful projects and analyze their data.

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This video explains how business intelligence provides relevant and reliable information to the right people at the right time to make relevant decisions faster. © Hitachi Solutions Canada

Business intelligence and data science hand in hand

And if data science currently contains Vent In its sails thanks to its ability to implement insight, it loses much of its relevance if it is not built on the analytics that BI has provided.

Because, as he rightly pointed Victor Hugo, And the ” The future is one Door, The past is the key In other words, business intelligence must remain the basis of data science more than ever. It can then take inspiration from the latter from what already exists to implement its assumptions.

Either way, since this available data relates to big data, it is imperative to connect more and more closely with the large AI-doped mechanism more precisely. Machine learning. It is also Machine learning That engulfs business intelligence data so that AI can automate analysis and allow data science to develop its own scenarios. For the employees of the organization to be able to handle business intelligence independently, there are also solutions, for example Power b From Microsoft, Which can be described as self-service, because you don’t have to be an IT expert to process data from big data.

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