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WhatsApp is developing a password-encrypted cloud backup function – Marseille News

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Messaging application The WhatsApp The privacy of user data is taken very seriously with Encryption that prevents anyone from accessing other people’s calls or messages.

However, when we save the chat history in iCloud, or Google DriveThis confidentiality and protection is completely lost, because None of the cloud storage services have the strong encryption that WhatsApp does.

Yesterday, from a story TwitterWABetaInfo, announced the arrival of major new changes in this regard:

“As we announced earlier, WhatsApp encrypts your cloud backups.”

End-to-end “backup” or “backup” encryption Allowing the user to have complete control over their data and secure it in the cloud But without your setting Secrecy.

The user will only need a password

This new feature will be available in the future.

According to the sources of this Twitter account which gave us a lot of leaks, the outwear Will be allowed Protect backups with a private passwordWhat or what « It has not been sent to WhatsApp ” , This means that a file outwear The user prompts for the password when they need to retrieve their messages, pictures, and files.

The downside of this method is that since WhatsApp is not aware of password, In case you forget it or lose it for any reason, it will be impossible to recover this backup.

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At the moment, several beta snapshots have only been taken and we don’t know how this functionality will be added to the platform for Mail serviceTherefore, it would be best if this happened not to forget our passwords.

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