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Montreal is in the red Relief in sight

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(Quebec) “Important decisions” about the future of Greater Montreal in the red next week, a “possible” end to the home-school rotation for high school students in the orange zone, and the phased disassembly plan for sport announced Friday. Quebec proposes more cuts. Summary.

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After an hour to ban curfews?

While we will advance the time on Sunday, Prime Minister Francois Legault hinted that curfew time could also be brought forward in the red. I indicated to Public Health that at the end of next week, we change the time. So 8 AM is the same clarity as 9 AM in the future. I have said it to public health, just so they can think about it, ”said Mr. Legault. The latter was questioned to see if the Quebecers in Greater Montreal, who are still in the red, expect resilience soon. The Prime Minister assured that the situation in Montreal“ will be reassessed. Next Tuesday. Currently, curfews are in place from 9:30 pm in almost all of Quebec, in orange since Monday, except for areas in the red.

Variables “well-controlled”

Quebec will be able to make “important decisions” for Montreal as of next week, according to estimates by Health Minister Christian Dube. He maintains that Montreal has been able to “control very well so far” in the emergence of the new variants. “We passed 14% of the positive tests in Quebec, which are 18% variants. Nearly half of what it is in Ontario. This means that Montreal, in particular, has succeeded in containing the variables,” noting that half of the cases of confirmed variants In Quebec they are located in Montreal. We must also wait to see the potential effects of Spring Break on the epidemiological situation, which will be known in 10 to 14 days, before we rejoice much, Mr. Dubi. Of the 255 variable confirmed cases, 170 are in Montreal.

The end of the rotation between home and school is in the orange zone

Public health authorities are working to fully restore the semester plan for third-gradersH, 4H And 5H Secondary in regions in the orange zone. This could mean the end of the home-school rotation for this group of students. “I think we are as they say [en] For a few more days. We are barely outside our spring break, but it is a highly probable hypothesis, ”Dr.s Horacio Arruda. In a written public notice dated February 16, Public Health has already specified that “adjustments” in the orange zone can be “considered after March 7” about school-to-home rotation for 3 students.H, 4H And 5H secondary.

Sports deconfinement plan

The Legault government is due to present its plan to phase out sporting activities on Friday. You should announce Minister Isabel Charest. Mr. Legault argued that relief could be declared “if circumstances permit.” “I want to be very clear […]Currently, we are not opening more sports because public health thinks the time is not right to open more sports. This is a public health decision, ”Mr. Legault reiterated. He emphasized that his government was“ insensitive ”to the demonstration to resume the sport held Sunday in front of the National Assembly.“ It is an important sport for young people, it is important for mental health, ”he said.

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Francois Legault stressed that his government is “not insensitive” to the demonstration to resume the sport held on Sunday in front of the National Assembly.

Hospitalization is in decline

Quebec reported 650 new cases and 12 additional deaths on Tuesday. Hospitalizations continued to decline, with 14 patients less than the previous day, for a total of 676, of whom 110 were in intensive care, and two more. A total of 293,860 infections have been identified so far and 10,493 people have died. Of the 12 deaths added to the toll, only four were recorded in the past 24 hours. The other eight occurred before March 8.

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Laval residents are the hardest hit

Laval residents have become the hardest hit in the county, with a daily average of 20.8 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants for a week. It is worse than it has been in Montreal (15.5 new cases per 100,000 residents) since the end of February. This is due to an outbreak in Manoir Laval’s seniors’ home, notes CISSS de Laval. “Otherwise, we would have been on set,” notes his spokeswoman, Judith Godrow. At least 67 manor tenants were injured, or 8% of them, and three died. The number of cases could grow even more, as CISSS ran a scan throughout the residency on Monday. However, hospitalization is stable, with 36 patients for 48 hours. Nine are in intensive care, the same number since Saturday. Additionally, about fifty classes currently in Laval have been closed due to the outbreak.

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