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WhatsApp reveals a plan to explain the new privacy policy to users

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In January, WhatsApp made a huge mistake in mentioning this Users will have to share their data with Facebook if they want to continue using “encrypted” messages.. At least that’s what many users have kept during Mark Zuckerberg’s statement. Immediately, the issue grew exponentially, to the point of causing the app to exit into its competitors Telegram or Signal.

After this almost disastrous situation, WhatsApp had no other options but to roll back its data in order to stop the leakage of its users. Then Facebook’s owned messaging service announced: “We know there has been confusion and misinformation about this update, and we want to help everyone understand our principles and facts.”

WhatsApp is reviewing its connections

In fact, WhatsApp just revealed its plan this weekend, which should allow its users to better understand the controversial privacy policy. Soon, a logo should appear on the app explaining what this change will consist of. This informative banner will also remind users that although it has been postponed for 3 months, these new rules must be accepted in order for them to use the app.

WhatsApp is seizing the opportunity to fire live fire at its competitors. The Facebook affiliate explains to its users that if they still want to switch instant messaging services, they should be careful, with a special focus on end-to-end encryption. In fact, this technology that makes it possible to make exchanges private, for example, must be activated manually for every conversation on Telegram, without which your conversations would remain visible.

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This new privacy policy, initially scheduled to take place on February 8th, will finally go into effect on May 15th. In the meantime, you will have had the opportunity to carefully read the logo broadcasted by WhatsApp and thus make your decision on the platform.

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