When Quebec switches to Vanlife mode

Manufacturers ranking books for Trolleys Camper rental companies are overflowing with gold business, and everywhere in Quebec, we’re picking up the most beautiful splatter To stand and sleep: obviously من Fanlife It is witnessing an unprecedented explosion in popularity in the province. Everyone falls under his spell…even a certain TV host!

“When I love once, I love forever.” I can’t help but hear the lyrics to this Richard Desjardins song when I think about where music occupies today. Fanlife in my life.

Love at first sight!

From my first flight, I knew I had just found that little extra soul I had been groping in my life. A mixture of simplicity, freedom and adventure has revived a part of me that had been put down by years of routine and comfort.

It was also the epiphany Foster Huntington experienced in 2011 when he quit his job as a designer at Ralph Lauren to live in his old 1987 Volkswagen Synchro. Within a few months, the New Yorker became the face of the move after creating the now popular hashtag #vanlife.

On Instagram alone, there are more than 9 million posts collected around this hashtag. Primarily idyllic images of beautiful young men lying in bed from In a postcard landscape. It is not surprising that social media has contributed so much to the emergence of Fanlife in the last decade.

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More deeply, life in from It has come to respond to the growing need to get closer to nature, to let go of superfluous things, and to incorporate a little spontaneity into our daily routine. Add to that a global pandemic and the inability to travel abroad, and you get a historical frenzy!

Waiting list for some manufacturers in Quebec for Trolleys Now almost two years! Companies that specialize in camping rentals have also reported unusual interest. Almost all of their fleets have been leased for this summer.

If you have an idea to try Fanlife Your turn, so faster! But beware, its experience is its adoption. You have been warned!

Airbnb from Fanlife

After the huge success of Airbnb, it was expected that this model would bring children into a world Fanlife. Today’s applications allow recreational vehicle owners to rent out their vehicles directly to individuals.

Outdoorsy is the largest of these services in North America. In Quebec, the site offers rentals of just over 525 RVs.

Canadian company RVezy works on the same principle. All you have to do is enter your starting point in the search engine and all the rental vehicles in your area and the rental cost will be displayed.

  • Calculate $100 to $250 a day for rent a from. Long live the sharing economy!
  • in the fresh air: ca.outdoorsy.com
  • RVezy: rvezy.com

Longue-Rive, paradise Vanliver

Dominic Arben

Courtoisie, Dominic Arben

In addition to being a sailor’s paradise, the small town of Longue-Rive in Côte-Nord is also striving to become a sailor’s dream destination. Vanliver.

A small camping site with toilet and shower has been set up right on the beach. I had a great two days there while filming of adventure. However, you must be a member of a kite Air-Lib to take advantage of the facilities. Annual membership costs $50 per person and $100 per family. Other than this, Longue-Rive authorities also allow free parking at a huge vacant lot next to the campsite as well as in the municipal park located in the village.

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There’s no denying it, we really know how to host at Longue-Rive!

  • Air Lip: airlib.ca
  • Longue-Rive Municipality: 418-231-2344
  • The camp is located At the end of Chemin du Barrage, By land 138.

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