Who can represent Democrats and Republicans in 2024?

With the stand of President Joe Biden, who is still not sure if he will run again in 2024, and the loss of support for Donald Trump, we could see an election campaign in 2024 with two new candidates.

Among the Republicans, many candidates are waiting to see if the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, will run again.

“If Trump isn’t around, it’s as if a highway and a street are open to a bunch of candidates,” said Guillaume Lavoie.

The situation is similar for the Democratic Party, while Joe Biden questioned the possibility of seeking a second term in the White House.

Although the California governor has stated his unwillingness to run, he could become a good candidate according to this expert.

Gavin Newsom: “The campaign in the US is also about fundraising and when you’re governor of California, where the Democratic Party’s biggest funders are, Governor Newsom, even if he says he’s not going to run, is definitely a giant candidate.

Watch all the information in the video above.

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