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Why is the crown still frowned upon?

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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In addition to poutine, dialects, July 1 moves, major holidays, the coronation of Quebec, the church’s words remain very present in society, despite Quebecers’ discontent with the Catholic religion.

What are the cultural characteristics of Quebec? Historian Laurent Turcotte attempts to answer this question in his book History Will Tell Us, which has just been launched.

“We shouldn’t [se sentir coupable d’utiliser des mots d’église.] Indeed, it is an oath, but in Quebec it is so rooted in religion that it is a culmination. Cups, Estes, Umbrellas, where did they come from? ‘,” he began in an interview on LCN.

“We are in a decentralized society, so how can this coronation today offend morals and are considered acts of transgression? In the nineteenth century, when they became famous, it was not just the church’s opposition, but the state. The two went together. The church today is deserted but the state survives and good morals are still List. For us, it is embodied in what makes Quebec Quebec,” explains Laurent Turcotte.

He concludes by explaining that for this reason he did not write “The Tent of Meeting” on the cover of his book, but rather wrote “Tabernoush” so that he would not be shocked.

“I don’t want to be shocked. The only thing that interests me is getting people to learn things and know why Quebec is what it is today.”

*** Watch his full interview in the video above. ***

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