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Why worry about the leaked PS4 / PS5 game fans

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You may not have missed the rumors: New Splinter Cell game It will be in development by Ubisoft, and this time around it will be a real major business. Not a mobile game, not just another Tom Clancy appearance, but a real video game on PC, Playstation and Xbox consoles.

  • What… worry the fans, and lost enthusiasm over Ubi’s many failures of late.

Splinter Cell: PS4 / PS5 game leak cools gamers

Although many fans have been claiming the new Splinter Cell game for a while, they may regret their choice. In recent days the Zer0Bytes leak was caught on Twitter (acquired by VGC), however, some opinions are being heard and attested to the great fear of the development studio.

Ubisoft, for now, is already a break from its old values: Copied / Pasted Games, hoe addresses Those who are all the same and those who disappoint, internal disagreements… In short, the information that worries about Sam Fisher’s future, as the studio must, once again, use his old recipes.

Ubisoft is unable to release its games on time

Another concern: the release date of the virtual game Splinter Cell, which could suffer the same fate as other Ubisoft games. They were all actually several months late, whether due to the health crisis or not. recently for example, The Big The Division 2 update took several weeks longer.

So how about a big AAA game on Playstation 4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC? There is no doubt that the development is lagging and the complications abound, even before talking about the gameplay that players dread!

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So let’s wait for the confirmation of the new Splinter Cell game, It might have been scheduled for 2022 at the earliestbefore you set us on fire. And above all: let’s wait for the toys and pictures!

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