Apple updates AirTag after harassment concerns

Launched last April, AirTags are useful for keeping track of keys, bag, or anything you might lose. The chip can be detected in the Find My app, which is already built into Apple devices.

However, critics soon warned the public and Apple that these small, circular devices, the size of a two dollar coin, could be misused, for example, to track people’s movements without their consent.

Apple has already implemented a security measure to prevent this type of behavior, including sending iPhone users notifications on their phones when someone else’s AirTag appears to be following them everywhere. Fleas also emit a signal three days after their owner.

However, these functions have their limitations: Android owners receive no notification, and anyone can be followed for three days – without knowing it – before they are notified. The audio signal, which lasted 15 seconds, was considered too weak by many critics, who wished it to be more annoying.

Update to respond to criticism

In order to mitigate these issues, Apple rolled out a software update on Friday so that AirTags will emit a random sound when they spend between 8 and 24 hours away from their owner.

Android fans will not be left out, because the giant has also indicated that it is working on solutions that will be announced. year end To alert them in case of unwanted tracking.

We will also launch an Android app that will allow users to discover AirTag. […] Separated from its owner and can travel with someoneThe company said in a statement.

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No processing is required to update the chips: they will be installed automatically as soon as the iPhone is nearby.

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