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Wi-Fi 6E is supposed to get licensed in France in March

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In addition to the traditional 2.4 and 5 GHz, we will be able to surf Wi-Fi on the 6 GHz frequency band – in other words Wi-Fi 6E – in France from the spring. The officially coordinated European framework Approved On December 17th, it should be moved around March by Arcep, according to information from 01 net. A decree of the Prime Minister will soon be published confirming these changes.

Nighthawk RAXE500 was one of the first Wi-Fi enabled routers 6E.

However, there were some adjustments: thus, the 6 GHz band that operators and manufacturers will be able to use in France and Europe will be between 5945 and 6425 MHz; This is narrower than the original 5,925 and 7,125 GHz, but is to protect the CBTC Rail Transport Signal System. Different players will be able to use three 160MHz Wi-Fi channels (or 6 80MHz channels).

Technical negotiations at the European level, which lasted for three years, excluded the proposal of the National Agency for Frequencies (ANFR) to use a database to reduce the interference of LPI devices (Low power indoor) With microwave connections. The risk was judged to be low and the operators preferred the fast availability of the range.

The European regulatory framework permits two types of devices: the first, LPIs, i.e. actuator boxes and routers, that can transmit at 200 MW power. Their use will be limited to indoor areas of buildings, as determined by ANFR, so that they do not attenuate or interfere with radio and satellite links on the same band, or urban rail systems. VLP devices (Very low powerAlso allowed), they are portable devices such as smartphones and connected things (watches, glasses, etc.) with a transmission capacity of 25 MW.

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Faster speeds, support for more devices, higher throughput, less latency, and WPA3 security: We highly recommend Wi-Fi 6E! Photo: Wi-Fi Alliance.

No Wi-Fi Alliance a Open certification procedures Equipment that wants to get the Wi-Fi 6E badge. The manufacturers were not wrong: they were the first routers Unveiled during CES. IPhone 13 (Or 12s?) could Include this technology, As is already the case with Galaxy S21 Ultra barely ad From Samsung.

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