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How to improve your online casino odds

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Many players think that ‘the house always wins’ is a definitive fact. While over many thousands of games, this is definitely true – it is a business, after all – we’ve looked at the different ways you can reduce the house edge and improve your personal chances of winning at online casinos.

Online slots

Online slots are, sadly, almost impossible to improve your odds in. The main way is to offset the risk, such as by finding some generous free spin offers. A list of offers available over a wide variety of casinos can be found at CasinoSource.ca.

Once you have these bonuses, then you will be able to play the slot without eating into your fund. It will allow for two things. Firstly, any winnings will boost your bankroll. Secondly, you increase the number of total spins that you get to play with.

The second aspect is a particularly important one, as having a good number of spins is vital to playing a slot successfully. This is because to have the best winning experience, you will need to play as many spins as possible.

The reason behind this is that bonus rounds have the biggest prizes for online slots. By managing to play as many spins as you can, you will increase your chances of triggering the bonus round. This in turn will make it more likely that you grab an impressive win.

Table games

Table games are some of the most popular casino games over a long period of time. Roulette, baccarat and blackjack are all examples of table games that have endured for generations. How can you increase your chances of winning with these though?

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While there are some complex ways of increasing your odds significantly in roulette and baccarat, these aren’t especially viable. You will likely need to find a betting strategy that increases your chances of winning. There are a range of different strategies out there, so it’s normally a case of finding the one that fits best for you.

This will need you to carry out research to find the best strategy for your needs. It includes finding out which strategy is best suited for your budget. Some strategies work better with higher budgets and some work better with lower budgets. On top of this, table limits also come into play.

While you can increase your chances, you will have to do some research in order to find the best one for your needs. Once you have found this out though, you can start playing right away.

Blackjack is a completely different proposition. This is a game that requires both skill and luck in order to play it successfully. By improving your skill level, you will be able to improve your chances of winning. Easily the most useful thing to learn is basic blackjack strategy.

This is a method of playing that teaches you the best statistical choice to make for every hand. While this doesn’t guarantee a win, it does increase your chances of winning. By using a basic blackjack strategy, you can actually decrease the house edge as you play.

Of course, you can’t count cards when playing at an online casino – the software uses an algorithm to shuffle the cards for every hand. This makes counting cards useless, so a basic blackjack strategy is the only way to increase your chances of winning.

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Video poker

 This is a game all too often pushed to the wayside. Many players see it as a secondary game. However, there are two reasons why this is a poor view to take.

Firstly, video poker is a lot of fun. It’s like combining Yahtzee and poker with a video slot. It’s enjoyable and always provides a great experience, and is a great party game to play alongside friends, if you’re not in it for the money.

The second reason is that video poker can have a negative house edge, meaning you can actually have a return to player (RTP) value of over 100% – provided you play the game in the right way.

The first thing you will need to do in order to get that staggering RTP, is to learn the basic strategy. Much like blackjack, there is a strategy that will increase your chances of winning. Secondly, those sorts of RTP’s are typically reserved for the highest stake levels.

This means you will need to have a higher budget than normal to play video poker successfully. You should also be aware that there are still no guarantees that you will win. You’ll still have to rely on a little bit of luck to walk away with a profit.

However, as it offers the chance of the highest RTP values, this is definitely the game with the best odds of winning – if you can bankroll it!


As expected, online casinos ultimately come down to luck, but that absolutely does not mean you can’t make a little of your own on the way. Picking the right game is the first and primary way you can influence your odds, with a time commitment required in order to increase your odds down the line for any skill-based games.

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Casino play is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, so making this time commitment early could leave you in a better position once the entire country liberalises gambling laws – which looks more likely with each passing year.

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