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Will DuVernay-Tardiff really play with Alouette?

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For Alouettes’ interim general manager and head coach, Danny Maciocia, it made sense to acquire the rights to Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. From there to wave the hope the already famous bouncer wears, there is a fringe.

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Laurent DuVernay Tardiff pulled the tape off his hands after the New York Jets lost to the Buffalo Bulls last November.

File photo, USA TODAY Sports

Laurent DuVernay Tardiff pulled the tape off his hands after the New York Jets lost to the Buffalo Bulls last November.

Alwight acquired the “LDT” rights in a trade with Calgary Stampeders on Thursday. After losing on the fourth night of the season, Maciocia briefly stated that he had been working on this file for a year.

Today explained to register His view on Duvernay Tardiff’s potential commitment to Aloyt.

“It would be dishonest to say to everyone, yes, Laurent DuVernay Tardiff is going to play Alawite. I don’t know if he has any interest at the moment, but his rights should be ours. As someone like him, getting his rights in Quebec is much more important. to enjoy his rights in Alberta.

Maciocia does not bury its head in the sand. He understands very well that Duvernay-Tardif still has hope for another opportunity in the NFL and that he is currently dedicated to medicine.

“When we made the deal, it wasn’t necessarily the thought that he would wear the shirt on the field, but that he could help us in other ways as an organisation.

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“That is why you had to get his rights first because the truth is that it is impossible to relate to him in any way if his rights belong to another team,” he said.

first contact

Maciocia claims to have discussed today in the morning with 31-year-old Quebec agent, Sacha Gafami.

“I simply explained to him the reasons for the deal and he understood it. I did not go further. We will see what happens.”

It’s not just propaganda

Aloette’s head football knows all too well that some will say it’s just a PR gesture, but he disputes that perception.

“Laurent, I know him. I have path Against him when I was with the Carabins [de l’Université de Montréal]. I was able to talk to him and have great respect for the individual he is and who makes all Quebecers proud of his accomplishments.

“If he can change the lives of a few student-athletes by being associated with our organization, then society will only benefit from it,” he pleaded.

“If Laurent does not play for us, it will cost us absolutely nothing. And if he decides to play for us, it will cost us our choices, but we will get a good player!” concluded the general manager.

The Duvernay-Tardiff clan did not comment on the news.

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