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New Director of Training and Research at Science Po

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So that the great French University of Political Science may maintain its prestige and the quality of its training, Sergei Guriev was appointed director of training and research there..

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A date that will move Science Po in the right direction

The appointment of a new Director of Training and Research at Science Po will make this possible Strongly strengthen these two poles. The goal is to develop a world-class university in the research sector and above all to develop its high-level training. Linked to the headmaster as well as the most important members of the school, the appointment of Sergei Guryev shows how Science Po is an open and attractive school from an international point of view Because half of the students are international. Thus, Sergei Guriev was selected by a search committee formed by both internal and external members of the Foundation.

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world famous person

Sergei Guriev is a world-famous teacher and economist. He was an advisor to the Russian government about ten years ago, but left office after denouncing Putin’s political repression and authoritarianism. So he went into exile in Paris where he joined Sciences Po in the Department of Economics and was also Chief Economist at the European Bank from 2016 to 2019. He was also appointed as Head of Fundamental Research at IUF for 5 years.

I am very happy to be appointed as Director of Training and Research at Science Po, an institution that opened its doors to me nearly ten years ago. “,” Sergei Guriev said.

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to conclude, Sergei Guriev was undoubtedly the ideal candidate for the position of Director of Training and Research at Science Po. His decisions will have a powerful impact on the school’s reputation, because he has been judged in accordance with the mission that the Sciences Po Research Committee has given him these major responsibilities.

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