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Windows 10, new ISO files (build 21354) are available for download

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New Windows 10 ISO images are available for download. Microsoft is designed for users enrolled in the Windows Insider Program.

These ISO approvals suggest installing the latest version of Windows 10, build 21354. This is a solution for performing a so-called “clean” operating system installation. Obviously, the process does not include an update of what is there. Meanwhile, the ISO image is useful for testing the latest OS optimizations from a virtual machine. The approach avoids installing on a custom system, which simplifies things.

Windows 10 build 21354, what’s new?

This Windows 10 build comes with some new features. New options are available about cameras. You can configure default picture settings and add or remove cameras.

Added to this is a further customization of the display settings. For example, it is possible to deactivate adaptive screen brightness control.

Windows 10 build 21354 - Demo

Windows 10 build 21354 – Demo

This management is called CABC shrinkage to control adaptive content brightness.

CABC helps improve computer battery performance but with compromises in image quality. This feature can cause distracting changes in brightness that interfere in situations where image quality is of great importance. […] The ability to disable CABC was a much-needed feature.

Windows Insiders users can now disable CABC directly in the display settings at this address

Settings> System> Display.

Finally, improvements have been made to the “Weather and News” module in the Taskbar.

Windows 10 build 21354 - Weather and News Unit

Windows 10 build 21354 – Weather and News Unit

A new interest management button has been highlighted. It’s related to a new full page customization experience, where you can choose the topics that interest you. Finally, “Feed Settings” is available from the left navigation bar on the “My Interests” page. This feature makes it easy to explore and follow publishers in Microsoft’s partner ecosystem and identify sample articles of interest.

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