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Liberal Canadian Congress Party The liberals are heading to the elections

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(Ottawa) “Safe and Inclusive Campaigns”, “Being a Liberal Candidate”, “Successful Fundraising”, “Election Preparation Update.” The hypothetical Congress of the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC), which opened Thursday evening, gives pride of place for strategic considerations for the upcoming elections.

Melanie MarquezMelanie Marquez

There will be these workshops and roundtables, but otherwise, the decisions that will be brought to the vote of activists on Saturday – basic universal income, and the move to the green economy – should not make headlines or put the liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, behind. The fireplace is awkward.

On the other hand, the participation of former Bank of Canada Governor and former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney on Friday evening promises to attract attention.

This is because the 56-year-old, who recently returned to the country, is expected to be a future liberal leader. In a move that helped fuel the rumor machine, he published a book, Value (s) – building a better world for everyoneLast March.

In an interview, political scientist Stephanie Chouinard wonders whether it is “a good strategy for Justin Trudeau to give big visibility to a potential adversary, should his leadership be challenged”.

The unanswered question said, the professor at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, “since we still do not know the depth of Mark Carney’s thoughts on a possible leap in politics.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland – who is also believed to be in charge of the party – suggested in her speech on Thursday evening that the federal government could allocate funds for early childhood services into its budget by following “an excellent example of Quebec.”

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It must submit its first budget, the first from the federal government in two years, on April 19.

The country could be involved in an election campaign if opposition parties oppose the budget. However, NDP leader Jagmit Singh indicated that his party will support the government to avoid holding elections, even if that means holding his nose together.

The Conference of the New Democrats also takes place at the weekend.

Laure and Riddell are on the show, but not in the party

On the list of guest speakers at the liberal conference is ecologist Laure Waredell. On Friday, she will have a chat with her former comrade-in-arms in Équiterre, now Canada’s Heritage Minister Stephen Gilbault.

Should not be seen as intending to follow in the footsteps of her former colleague and follow him to the House of Commons, she swears when he joins her Journalism, Thursday: “Absolutely not! I have no intention of going into politics, neither at the federal level, nor at the provincial level, nor at the municipal level.”

She said the regulators know she is critical of some liberal policies.

“I will not hesitate to talk about the necessity of getting rid of fossil fuels, as a reminder that the party is committed to ending its support for the fossil fuel sector, while continuing to do so,” asserts the person who will be there on behalf of Mothers at the Front, which brings together mothers who care about the future of the next generation.

Speech of the Trudeau-Grégoire Spouses

At the conclusion of the discussion, Friday, the Prime Minister’s wife, Sophie Gregoire, will give a speech.

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Justin Trudeau will deliver his speech on Saturday around 4:30 pm.

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