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Winter Storm: She didn’t say her last word

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 6:45 p.m. – Motorists in the eastern, central, and southern regions of the province will need to be more careful and patient on the roads, as the storm will greatly complicate travel.

Briefly :

  • Warning of a winter storm
  • Difficult movements and blows up to 90 km / h;
  • The dangers of avalanches and storms.

Highlights of the storm by region

Snow will begin to fall over the south by late Tuesday evening. However, there will still be some snow left on Wednesday.

Neg Time

For the center and east of the province, they will all operate evenings and nights from Tuesday to Wednesday. As for the western part of the governorate, it is very vulnerable to escape without large accumulations.

Snow will continue at low intensity from Wednesday through afternoon over the center and into the evening towards the east.

Snowfall forecast

Snowstorm conditions

Many regions of Quebec will experience snowstorm conditions in the evening when strong winds are expected. The east of the province will be particularly affected by high winds, in particular Gaspé, Basse-Saint-Laurent, Côte-Nord and Quebec.


Difficult movements and blows of up to 90 km / h

Care must be taken on the roads, because in addition to snow-covered sidewalks, visibility will decrease, or even reach zero in places, thanks in part to storms that can reach more than 90 km / h in places which will scatter the chips.


And the storms will still be there on Wednesday morning.


In the eastern part of the governorate, with heavy snowfall throughout the day on Wednesday, and winds ranging between 80 and 90 km / hour in the region, travel is expected to be disrupted, especially on roads 132 and 138.

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Gusts of wind

There may also be freezing and freezing rain at Gaspé Point.


Winter storm warnings

In anticipation of the amount of snow that will fall over eastern Quebec, Avalanche Quebec posted a high avalanche risk index for the Alpine portion of Chic-Chocs this Wednesday, as well as a large indicator for the treeline section.


Additionally, Environment Canada has also issued a storm surge warning for the Quebec City region and sectors along the Basse-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésy and Cote Nord. According to the organization, coastal erosion is also possible in high-risk areas.

Coastal floods

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