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With SolidLight, 3D objects appear larger than life

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light field lab about launch SolidLight™An ultra-high definition 3D platform that has never been designed before. The company has designed a solution that combines high volume, resolution and density to accurately display objects that move, refract, and reflect in physical space.

How it works ?

SolidLight’s modular “direct emitting” surfaces form dense converging wavefronts. These consist of billions of pixels of photonic resolution.

It is a possibility for viewers to experience digital things in the physical world. These objects are not on a screen and are indistinguishable from the real environment in which they are viewed.

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SolidLight is a complete solution for developers. Helps deliver holographic experiences to audiences through real-time interaction powered by the company’s WaveTracer™ hardware and software. These surfaces are suitable for a wide range of innovative entertainment, advertising and commercial applications. And who knows? Opportunities for consumer markets.

This experience is a new opportunity to seek public engagement and renew the client’s approach.

2.5 billion pixels at the service of 3D objects

Each 28-inch SolidLight Surface panel adds 2.5 billion pixels to the size of the holographic object generated, and the modular SolidLight Surface can create a screen of any size to enable a range of experiences, including configurations that exceed hundreds of billions of pixels.

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Preview solution

As part of its launch, Light Field Lab is launching a pre-order campaign for these solutions. Manufacturing will continue until 2022. The pre-production systems have already been sold and are intended for holographic experiments that will be deployed in commercial applications over the next three years. Prices vary depending on the size and scope of the app’s settings.

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