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Watch Dogs: Legion, Multiplayer finally puts us down

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Good news for the community Watch Dogs: Legion! The much awaited multiplayer game will be available on March 9 with a free update on all platforms. Players can form teams of up to 4 people to participate in the new activities.

Two collaborative missions All new will be available from 2 to 4 players. These missions will use new, unique mechanisms for co-op play and allow the party to recruit ideal agents to fight threats from London. It will also lead you to discover the ancient monuments of the city.

a Tactical operation His name is “Leader of the Group.” It will require flawless teamwork and communication from your group of 4 players. Consisting of 5 interconnected narrative missions, it will delight players looking for end-of-game content. Make sure you have a strong team and the latest tools before embarking on this adventure.

the first Player mode versus player mode Arachnobot Arena will allow four players to control spider robots armed with legs in order to face each other in a merciless death match.

Season Pass holders will also have access to two new single-player missions:

  • Guardian protocol : DedSec is tracking an algorithm that could allow AI to thwart all human decisions. If they can’t find it, this algorithm can be used to transform armed drones into independent decision-makers and performers.
  • Not in our name : A secret group stole the name DedSec. The latter also stole information allowing the employer, a ruthless owner of popular newspapers, to extort his victims.
Credit: Ubisoft

Plan ahead

Players are entitled to free periodic updates as part of Watch Dogs: Legion post-launch plan. In the near future, a PvP mode called Invasion will appear, along with new co-op missions and free characters. Exclusive content for Season Pass holders will also be available throughout the year. Bonus Missions and Watch Dogs: An expansion of the Legion story called Bloodline will be part of future updates. Subscribers will also have access to new playable heroes, some of which have been revealed to us:

  • Mina, a subject of post-human experiences that possesses the power to control thoughts
  • Darcy, member of the Order of the Assassins
  • Aiden Pearce and Wrench, characters from other games in the Watch Dogs franchise.
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By participating in online activities, players will gain experience that will allow them to level up and unlock various rewards such as exclusive cosmetic items, Influence Points, ability to recruit new agents and unlock many rewards, improving their DedSec tools. good game!

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