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Yes, smelling food makes you fat according to science

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While we thought to breathethe smell of food It will not make you fat, the truth is quite different, as scientists at the University of Berkeley (California) testify. Because by subjecting several groups of mice to a very fatty, fast-food-type diet allocated in equal amounts to each rodent, the scientists came to the conclusion, to say the least. a surprise.

Because after several weeks of experience, the researchers noticed to their surprise that the olfactory-free mice gained only 10% of their initial weight, while those whose olfactory abilities were more developed had doubled, and even tripled, their size.

Taking the study forward, the scientists were able to make the fattest mice lose weight, while maintaining the same high-calorie diet. How do ? By the temporary extermination of rodents that smell most odors by injecting a toxin. Since then, the mice have been able to lose all the fat that was produced during this experiment, by returning to Primary poems, while maintaining the same very rich consumption pattern.

Deprived of smell, the brain stops storing fat

Enough to prove it when the brain deprived of the sense of smellHe is confused and stops storing fat. In addition, the brain and theSmell are actually linked, and in particular with regard to functions associated with appetite and metabolism, explains Céline Riera, co-author of the research. This study is one of the first to show how, if we genetically manipulate our sense of smell, it is possible to modify the way the brain perceives our energy and calorie needs, and how it regulates them. “All in all, the neuroscientist is alarming about the limitations of this experiment.” People who don’t have a sense of smell can find themselves depressed very quickly. They lose all pleasure in eating. ».

Loss of smell can lead to depression

Be careful though. Although the observation seems tempting at first glance, it creates temporary cures that adapt to the people in it overweight can turn dangerous >> adjective. And for good reason, various reports have shown that some individuals who have lost their olfactory abilities due to several factors such as old age, disease or after effects, may suffer from depression.

In addition, the level of norepinephrine in mice that were deprived of smell was dangerously increased, while an increase in this hormone in the nervous system could follow Heart attack When it reaches a very high level.

with risk depression, and based on Heart attackThere is no doubt that a treatment of this nature can have dire consequences for the people who can be brought in to undergo it. So let’s not take risks, and prefer to follow the balanced nutritional programs recommended by health professionals, but also to regular physical activity, and adopt a healthier lifestyle to stay in good shape in our skin, while maintaining morals.

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