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You’ll love using the new version of Notepad.

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The popular Notepad text editor is going to have a major revolution on Windows 11. Microsoft is already preparing a major update, which will bring with it the inevitably awaited dark mode.

Bloc-Notes Windows 11

Source: Microsoft via The Verge

Notepad is one of the oldest Windows applications, which debuted in 1985 on Windows 1.0. This text editor, which allows both to take notes but also to “clean up” its content, will be the subject of a major update on Windows 11, learn from XDA Developers Based on the edge.

This is a strong position taken by Microsoft, which has not touched Notepad for a long time. The idea here is to align the application with the graphic language of the new operating system. Currently, it can only be accessed by Insiders in the development channel, before it is rolled out globally.

Welcome to the dark mode

Concretely, what should we expect in terms of changes? The first major addition is nothing but a dark mode. This news will make you happy Hobby from dark mode, allowing you to rest your eyes when using the computer in a dark environment.

Bloc-Notes Windows 11

Source: The Verge

Added to this dark mode is the Mica effect, which plays on the color gradient in a subtle way. This allows you to add a bit of graphic depth and modernity, while maintaining a nice visual consistency. The tool tip, which is slightly more gray, is a good example to illustrate this effect.

In terms of ergonomics, Redmond will also make some adjustments: the option buttons are bigger and better highlighted. A button for accessing parameters is also invited in the upper right corner, while there is also a redesigned search bar (Ctrl + F) in the game.

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“Ctrl + Z” is more comprehensive

The “Ctrl + Z” feature, which allows you to undo your last action, now goes even further. So far, you can only go back once, which is a bit tight compared to other apps. This time, the new version of Notepad will allow you to undo many actions.

In short, the look of Notepad should change dramatically, with small changes in substance that don’t disturb the user experience. Now we have to wait for Microsoft to release this update to the general public.

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