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Yves-François Blanchet relies on SMEs in aluminum | Canada elections 2021

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Yves-François Blanchet is asking the incoming government to create a $120 million fund to develop aluminum processing technologies. Hence it wishes to better protect workers in this sector, which it considers to be left behind under the new Canada-US-Mexico Agreement (ACEUM).

The bloc is also demanding that this fund give priority to small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec.

One of the main characteristics of the proposal that the bloc is putting forward in more detail today is that it relies on entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized regional companies, and less on large firms than one might like. keep, one may desire to attract; But reducing our dependence on large corporations by getting more SMEs backed by our own entrepreneurship seems a very interesting way., He expressed.

He said such an investment would increase the competitiveness of Quebec’s aluminum producers in international markets.

The multinational Rio Tinto, which produces aluminum in Saguené-Lac Saint-Jean due to its hydraulic rights, works directly for 4,200 people in the area.

green hydrogen

In the afternoon, the bloc leader praised the virtues of green hydrogen, a potentially profitable sector for Quebec according to the federal formation. Green hydrogen, produced from renewable energies such as hydropower, is distinguished from gray hydrogen produced from fossil fuels. Yves Francois Blanchett and outgoing MP Junquier Mario Simard have called on the federal government to withdraw Canada’s hydrogen strategy.

The federal government is currently investing all of its investment in gray hydrogen, which is produced by hydraulic fracturing of natural gas from the tar sands. Canada’s hydrogen strategy is a compelling way to continue supporting the oil sands to extend their lifespanThe leader of the block supported.

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In December 2020, Hydro-Québec announced that it It will build and operate an 88 MW electrolysis plant in Varennes, making it one of the world’s most powerful electrolyzers for green hydrogen production.Can we read on the Crown website.

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