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Montreal 3-1 win over Toronto

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Montreal had the opportunity to strike a double, at Saputo Stadium, on Friday evening. Go for three points, giving an extra slap to Toronto FC, which is having a miserable season, the worst in its history. Implemented. 3-1 win.

Frederic Duchesneau

Frederic Duchesneau

Not once since mid-May, against Miami, the Montreal game ended with more than one goal.

“It was the first time I sat on the bench before the end, the last three minutes, coach Wilfried Nancy left. But it was not an easy game.”

Craftsmen out of their misfortune, visitors received a red card of 5NS Accurate. Referee Drew Fisher initially penalized midfielder Noble Okello in yellow for his interference on Victor Wanyama.

Then he went to recovery. The Torontonian kick to Wanyama’s right thigh, nails in front, no doubt deserved a red card.

It took Wilfred Nancy’s forces about ten minutes before they really benefited from this surge. Even Toronto decided the first blow of the match, at 14NS Accurate. However, there is no danger to Sebastian Briza.

Then it gradually acquired the corresponding third. Even a foul on Bjorn Johnson on the edge of the penalty area gives Montreal a free kick of choice.

A good shot from Djordje Mihajlovic was saved by goalkeeper Quentin Westberg’s skill. But the return ended in the direction of Samuel Peet, who did not miss his chance. His second professional goal with the team, his first in Montreal, is in front of the stands as much as possible.

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“Goal saved us,” Quebec admitted.

Eric Bolt’s photo, USA TODAY

Samuel Peet

in 36NS Minutes, the locals could have gone 2-0, but Johnson failed to properly redirect Mihajlovic’s pass. The great Norwegian striker took advantage of other opportunities after that, sometimes unlucky, sometimes clumsy. He only scored in one of the 19 matches he participated in.

Quioto never misses his comeback

The start of the second half was rather quiet. Few reports, except for a yellow card for Rudi Camacho, who will miss the next meeting, are on hold due to the backlog.

then at 58NS Minutes, unexpectedly cold rain on the field, Ivunaniachi Achara made a superb setup for Venezuelan Iverson Sutildo, his sixth assist, the TFC captain of the season.

Wilfried Nancy was “disturbed” by this goal. “It was very easy to build,” he said.

Eric Bolt’s photo, USA TODAY

Zorhan Basong applauds at the end of the meeting

“It’s an avoidable goal,” admitted Samuel Peet, adding, however, that the quality of the competing players should not be underestimated despite their difficult collective season.

However, Nancy loved her family’s reaction after the incident.

“Because it is difficult for the morale to score a goal when the other team plays ten times,” he noted.

Aside: Toronto (3-13-6) has never won this year after conceding first. or without progress in the middle of the match.

After five minutes and dust, Ahmed Hamdi walked in for Samuel Peet, while Björn Johnson made way for Rommel Koyoto. A great return for the club player with distinction in 2020, after missing dozens of matches. It won’t take long for him to feel his presence.

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About five more minutes passed when Joaquín Torres redirected Zachary Brault-Guillard’s cross to the upper right corner. Argentina’s third goal. Djorji Mihajlovic also got an assist in the match.

then at 75NS Minute, Quioto celebrated his comeback by wearing his third in his 11NS match. Another assist for the American Mihajlovic. He now has eight.

“Rommel is Rommel,” the coach said, stressing his “positive energy.” “He motivates the players around him.”

Photo by Graham Higgs, The Canadian Press

Everson Sutildu

The official said the duo came close to doing it again soon after, but it was an offside. Very tight.

We were far from the usual hostility between the two clubs. A bit like the rivalry between Canada and the Nordic countries when the latter was languishing in shallow waters…

Montreal have lost only two of their last 10 matches in the capital (6-2-2). It is now 10-14-4 against Toronto FC in the MLS.

CF Montreal (8-7-7), 6NS In the East, she will play her next game on Saturday, September 11th at Saputo Stadium against Nashville SC (7-2-11), 4NS Conference.

Truce before a great clip of 7 matches in 22 days for the Montreal people.

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