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Zelensky removed the post of commander in Donbass. Ukraine drone Ella Toko

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By decree, Zelensky dismissed the commander of the united Ukrainian forces, who surrendered to fight in the Donbass. Moskaliev changed the number of military leaders and talked with them.

According to Reuters, Moskalyov suspended his post from March 2022. The Ukrainian military did not agree to remove the leader in social protests.

Russia is said to be trying to control Donbass, and in recent weeks Zelensky has described the military situation there as difficult and painful. A Ukrainian official said that the Russian forces continue to reach the city of Bakhmut, despite their losses.

Even on Sunday, Ukrainian General T.B. reported that Russian units in the Bakhmut region had carried out several unplanned operations.

Drone tok

Ukrainian General TB and the military administration of the Kiev region said that the Russian army attacked the border with Ukraine from the north on Monday evening with 30 Hed drones. Eleven of these UAVs were destroyed by anti-aircraft defense. In the city of Khmelnik to the west, the land was destroyed during the liquidation as a result of flooding.

The military in Kiev, Serhij Popko, announced the destruction of nine drones in the airspace surrounding the capital, and according to preliminary information, they did not cause any material damage or injury to anyone. Flushing was performed in two waves. In this way, the enemy tried to achieve its tactical goal – to exhaust our anti-aircraft defense. This is why the non-air flight to Kiev was five and a half hours long, Popko added.

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The city of Khmelnitsky in western Ukraine has also become the center of the Russian influx. The mayor, Oleksandr Semin, said the plane left three injured and one dead. The entire house was damaged, and firefighters immediately cleared the pores.

Last June, Russia intensified its air raids on Ukraine, causing massive damage, sending missiles and tons of drones into the territory of its neighbor in an attempt to find electricity supplies and provide the necessary infrastructure. The Ukrainian representative and corrupt believed that the invading army would still face a steel shortage. On Monday, the representative of the military intelligence of the movement, Andrej, according to the Unian agency, said that Russia is now able to produce 30 and 40 pieces of steel. In the past few months, a hundred obelisks had been spawning in a single stream.

On Monday, according to Onnan, Ukrainian General TP stated that since the start of the invasion more than a year ago, Russia has carried out more than 5,000 missiles and 3,500 airstrikes.

The RBK-Ukraine Telegram reported that the Russians traveled to Kherson in southern Ukraine on Monday night and early morning. Explosions can be heard in this city, which was liberated by the Ukrainian army last November, but it is regularly bombarded by Russian forces from the eastern reaches of the Dnieper. Local officials said that on the last day, a fisherman died and two were injured due to an insect shelter in Kherson.

According to Ole Sinhopov, the Kharkiv district, the Russians shelled several villages near the Russian border with artillery and mortars on Monday night. In the town of Vovansk, a residential building was hit and a 70-year-old man was moderately injured there.

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