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$10 million support for open access and open source research

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By providing a $10 million grant to the Coalition Publica through the Major Science Initiatives Fund 2023-2029, the Canada Foundation for Innovation is helping to meet the ongoing operation and maintenance needs of research facilities of national importance to enable Canadian researchers to undertake activities that rival those of international fellows.

Coalition Publica has created an open, non-commercial infrastructure dedicated to digital research, publishing, and scholarly publishing in the humanities and social sciences.

This infrastructure is based on the integration of two leading technology solutions dedicated to open access and open science, the publishing platform erudit.orgfrom the Consortium Érudit of the University of Montreal, Université Laval and the University of Quebec in Montreal, and the Editing and Publishing Program Open Journal Systemsdeveloped by the Public Knowledge Project at Simon Fraser University.

Marie-Josie Heber, Vice President for Research, Discovery, Creativity and Innovation at the University of Montreal confirms.

Collaborating with teams from more than 250 scientific and cultural journals, Coalition Publica provides access to more than 200,000 publications and 8,000 new articles published each year. The collections are rich and diverse, representing research and creativity in Canada and elsewhere: archaeology, economics, history, literary studies, psychology, education… They are consulted each year by nearly six million users worldwide.

About the coalition

A partnership between Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), Coalition Publica is dedicated to advancing digital publishing and research dissemination in the humanities and social sciences in Canada and was created to support these disciplines. In the transition to sustainable openness to be able to. The Coalition Publica will pursue this mission by developing an open, non-commercial, national infrastructure dedicated to digital publishing and research publishing, compiling PKP’s Open Journal Systems program and Érudit’s digital publishing platform. (

About Erodite

Érudit is a university consortium that provides a wide range of publishing and digital distribution services to the research and cultural sectors, as well as a research repository. The Érudit platform – – is the primary platform for disseminating research in the humanities and social sciences in Canada. It hosts more than 200 journals and its collections are consulted by both academic researchers and the general public, including users from more than 1,100 institutions around the world.

About the General Knowledge Project

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a multi-university initiative that develops a suite of free software with the goal of improving the quality and impact of scholarly publishing. PKP’s flagship program, Open Journal Systems (OJS), is a free journal publishing management system that supports every step of the scholarly publishing process, from submission to online publication and indexing. More than 275 Canadian journals and more than 32,000 international journals use the Open Journal System.

Sources: Érudit and Public Knowledge Project.

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