10 must-see sci-fi movies of the 2000s

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The 2000s was rich in science fiction and genre films. Sometimes the genre of science fiction is unintelligible, grotesque, or reserved for a particular audience fond of cinematic experiences, and can be difficult to appreciate.

In this article, we will provide you with a very popular and successful one Interstellartriple matrix or dunes that you may have seen (certainly). To do it a little differently, we wanted to include in this order the films that are sometimes little known and/or deserve more attention. Check out 10 must-see science fiction movies from the 2000s.

10- Zone 9

multifaceted District 9 It is an original way of treating a topic that has already been seen many times in cinema, extraterrestrials, the different genres intertwined in the story: action, science fiction, social criticism… The film touches almost all genres, sometimes even losing some spectators on the way to distraction. In his first film, Neil Blomkamp enforces his style by delivering a deeper message about his country of origin, South Africa, haunted by apartheid. An episodic movie that also presents a fair ethic.

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