105 wildfires are burning in the northwest

Bushfires have been burning in the area for weeks, leading to partial or complete evacuation of communities, although many evacuees have returned home this week.

first nations of hill al-hoorAnd deer lake The Pekanjikum are being repatriated, while the independent Wabasemung states are still evacuating.

Ontario has nearly twice as many fires as last year with a total of 1,081. The average fire for 10 years is 665 fires.

The teams continue their efforts to put out major fires in the area, in particular:

  • Kenora 51 which burns over 20,600 hectares and cannot be controlled. It is located 20 km north of the Wabaseemoong Nations Territory. Members of this community are being evacuated.

  • Red Lake 65 covers approximately 20,200 hectares and is located 6 km west of First Country hill al-hoor. The community was evacuated about a month ago, but residents have gone home this week.

  • Red Lake 51 is located about 24 km west of the first country deer lake. More than 53,500 hectares were caught on fire. The community was evacuated about a month ago, but residents are going home this week.

  • red lake 77, located 33 km west of Red Lake, is uncensored. More than 32,700 hectares were caught on fire.

Restricted fire area

Restricted fire areas remain in place in Kenora, Fort Francis, Dryden and Thunder Bay counties and in parts of other counties. Sioux ObservatoryAnd red lake and Nipigon. Open air fires are prohibited in these areas.

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The Fire Exclusion Zone extends across much of northwestern Ontario.

Photo: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

No new fires were detected in northeastern Ontario. This sector has 10 active fires, all of which are under surveillance.

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