#2 Patrick Mavenjoy – How do you live with the living?

How do you live with the neighborhood?

Episode 1: With Patrick Mavenjoy, CNRS researcher in Reunion Island, specializing in tropical diseases.

The second episode of the series How do we live with the living? “Where we realize that living with the living is also living with these billions of microorganisms, most of which are beneficial to us…except when climate change interferes and accelerates the spread of infectious diseases on the planet.

Episode co-produced international mail and ID4D, the medium of sustainable development.

Interview: Carol Lambezat

Writing and Presentation: Thomas Hofnung

Director: Antoine Dabrowski

Music : Kagabas . album, drums de Leon

With the participation: Flora Truelud, Anna Sylvester Trainer, Geoffrey Ricci, Pascal Bowen, Claire Carrard, Virginie Lippetit.

Six feet on the floor is a podcast international mail and ID4D, the mediator of sustainable development, dedicated to the main challenges of the planet. Each series explores and answers a question in 5 episodes with 5 different speakers: philosopher, scientist, anthropologist, artist, actor or actress…

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