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14 amazing Google tools hidden in the search engine

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This very simple Google search bar contains very useful and not fully recognized services, like coin toss, sports job curves or even internet speed test. You just need to enter the correct keyword to access one of these Google tools.

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When you go to Google, most of the time you type in a keyword and access the corresponding webpages or images. But the Search Engine It has hidden features built right into the search bar. Among the practical and fun Google tools, you can come up with a selector the color HTML, United Nations Electrical generator Random numbers, track your flight schedules and even mini-games to enjoy without leaving your screen …

Unit converter

Whoever has never broken his head in conversions between a nautical mile and a kilometer, an English foot and meters or Degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit ? No need to go through an online converter for this purpose: all you have to do is type “unit convert” in the search bar and you will have direct access to the converter (areas, length, SpeedOr angles or temperature or even oil consumption).

Random number generator

Have no idea how to populate your Loto grid? Difficult to choose between several options? Go through Google to generate a random number. Type “number generator” in the search bar and enter the minimum and maximum (for example, a number between 1 and 10). More fun, Google also offers the same option in the form of roulette. Type ” Dizziness In the ribbon, go to Number You can then choose the size of the roulette wheel (for example 10 numbers) and presto! Simpler than that, press “Heads or Tails” and you will get a symbolic symbol.

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Mathematical functions

Google allows simple math operations directly Across Search bar (type for example 96 * 163 to reach the result). But the search engine is more adept than that and allows you to perform advanced maths and even curve functions. Try, for example, “Record x + Without 3x + Cosine of 5x »The curve corresponding to the function is shown. By moving the mouse over the curve, the value of x And the s It is shown to a specific point.

Convert numbers to letters

This function, which is useful when you need to spell large numbers, is unfortunately only available in English. To do this, type the number followed by “= english” (for example, “589135200150 = english” and your number will be displayed in full and in English. Another limit for the tool: It is no longer working after 1,000 billion.

Color picker tool

Type the color code directly from the search bar (eg # 378754 or rgb (55, 135, 84) and Google will display the corresponding color in the color picker. Then you can access all the corresponding icons (HTML, RGB, CMYK …) and icons for any Color by dragging the cursor to select the desired shade.

Air traffic control

Check the arrival time of a Plane Real-time on Google by typing the flight number directly into the search bar (eg “AF 1358” or “ezy8350”). You can then access corresponding flights over 4 days (current day, previous day, and next two days) at local times, as well as the planned terminal and any delays.

Internet speed test

Test files Internet flow In 30 seconds with the Google tool: Type “Internet Speed ​​Test” in the search bar and then click “Start Speed ​​Test”. Then you get an upward flow (velocity Download), Downlink (throughput) and latency (how quickly you get a response from the server). Produced in cooperation with Measurement laboratory (M-Lab), the test enables data rates to be measured up to 700 Mbps.

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Bubble Level, a very useful Google tool

The Spirit Level is a useful tool for DIY enthusiasts to avoid misaligned shelves or to check that a Door vertical. No need to equip yourself with a level or download a file Implementation Specific: Type “bubble level” into the Google search bar on your phone and Google will display a green bubble indicating the angle of inclination. Unfortunately, this tool is only intended for Android smartphones.


Musicians will be happy to know that they get their free pendulum directly from Google’s address bar. All you have to do is type the “metronome” and set the desired tempo (for example 100 beats per minute), then click the arrow to start or pause.

Calories for food

There is no need to go to a specialized website to find out the nutritional value of the food. Write directly Calories Banana or calories Couscous To see the displayed value. Not only does Google provide calories, it relies on the US Department of Agriculture databaseAgriculture From the United States) to provide CarbohydratesAnd the Fats And the protein Per food. For example, type “fats.” yolk Or carbohydrate sauce Tomatoes To get the result. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work with everything (no Moss Chocolate, for example!).

Know the local time

Do you have to make international calls or are you planning a long haul trip? To find local time, type the time + city or country name into the Google address bar (for example, “Time in Los Angeles”) to get the time there. It is also possible to know the exact times by typing, for example, “4 PM in Japan”. In this case, you get the time corresponding to your location.

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Search for pictures by color

Several options are available Across engine Search images from Google. Thus you can select images by size, format, date, or usage rights. Less well known, Search By Color allows you to select images only according to color group. Type for example ” the moon Then choose red or Steve Jobs And black and white option.

Relaxation exercise

Big shot Stress ? Take a moment to relax by typing “breathing exercise” in the Google search bar. A blue screen is displayed with a white circle indicating the inspiration and completion phases. Very basic but effective for finding calm without leaving your screen.

Small antique games

Google has hidden mini games. Type for example “Pacman”, “Solitaire”, “Minesweeper” or “Snake” to play live Across Search screen. Thus, six minigames are available Across Google search. The design is basic, but very successful and fun to play. Other games are available Across Google’s entertainment. Try the scary cat, for example Not a Halloween pageWhere you have to kill ghosts by drawing the correct symbols.

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