$20 million for high-speed internet access on Peli Island

The federal and provincial governments are investing in faster internet access on Bailey Island. Ottawa has committed up to $14.5 million to bring high-speed internet to every home and business on the island through a fiber-optic bridge, while the county government is adding $5 million to the project.

Liberal MP for Windsor Tecumseh, Eric Kosmerczyk, who made the announcement Thursday, said work would begin this summer and a completion date set in July 2023.

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In a press release, Mr. Kusmierczyk wrote that a reliable internet is a lifeline, not a luxury.

This investment by our federal government to bring a fiber optic bridge to Pelee Island will finally allow residents and visitors to the island to have the reliable, high-speed broadband Internet access they need to stay connected, to be competitive in the Canadian economy and to fully participate in island life as well as life. Our regional and global community , he added.

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