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2021, the year we get our things right

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Since the beginning of 2021, the French have already had A. Repairable indicator A new screen installed on a small home device or electronic device.

This takes the form of stickers ranging from green – easy to fix – to red, for items that can’t be fixed. Or a scale from 0 to 10, more or less repairable. This offer from Repair Voluntary for now – but will be mandatory in 2022.

So it is already affecting manufacturers and consumers who care about their ecological footprint. The ultimate goal will be to reduce product obsolescence, overconsumption, and sources of waste and pollution.

In 2020 in France, only 40% of malfunctioning electrical and electronic appliances are repaired. The ambition is to increase this percentage to 60% within five years.

In Canada, three quarters of consumers are They still prefer to recover what is broken Rather than fix. But this is changing because since the start of the epidemic, the demand for appliance repair has been on the increase, and repair cafes are getting more and more popular.

Repair or not our small bodies? What could affect you? Isabelle Bourgogne talks about it with:

What is the repair index? What are the criteria? Is this evidence we can import into Quebec? Are there things that already exist that could help?

Is it true that the epidemic has pushed people to fix their things more, or has it accelerated a trend that already exists? Is self-evaluation by the manufacturer a weakness of the French concept? Have we taken into account the fact that some electronic devices are difficult to disassemble and thus repair yourself? Could evidence like this drive manufacturers to switch to the environment? What does it take to change our consumer behavior? Do younger generations tend to reform? Internet: Facilitator of the reform?

“We have few resources to find a company that does the repairs. This is an experience that has been lost over the years. The repair indicator will enhance the development of this expertise.” – Amelie Cotet


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