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Saguenay Police Service: Canada’s first for new cars

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Saguenay Police Service cars won first place in the Canadian Police Vehicle Visualization Contest, in the car with the best design element.

The color and shape of these compounds have changed in recent years.
This award is awarded based on the appearance of the vehicle featuring the Service Logo. We find, among other things, water, forest and municipal colors in this logo.

In addition to the design, the ergonomics of the vehicle as well as the equipment built into it weigh on the scale.

“Every year, the vehicles are improved with patrolling feedback. These new hybrid vehicles are larger and allow for the installation of all necessary technological equipment while being safer,” explains Bruno Cormier, of the Saguenay Police Force.

Thus the white chariots gave way to the new black chariots. The Police Department maintains, however, that according to several studies, black vehicles with white displays allow for better and safer vision.

The Saguenay Police Force will continue to renew its fleet of vehicles in the coming years.

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