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23 million Mangatoon accounts have been hacked

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Mangatoon, an online comic book reading platform, has suffered a massive data breach. Information regarding 23 million user accounts, stolen from an unsecured Elasticsearch database, has been revealed.

The Bomborin data breach occurred

BomborineA hacker known to hack the FBI in November 2021 claimed responsibility for stealing Mangatoon data from Elasticsearch. He claims he was able to. Accessing an insecure database An open source search and analysis engine.

According to the hacker, Elasticsearch server credentials were too weak. This allowed him to access the data before it was stolen. Pomporin shared a sample of the stolen data with a technology-focused reference electronic journal.

Media analysts have attested to the veracity of the information. This is the Mangatoon user account information. The hacker claimed that he wanted to publish all the stolen data.

Is my information exposed?

Data breach date from May. For the 23 million users affected by this hack, names, email addresses, genders or credentials of social media accounts were disclosed.

For Mangatoon users, there is a way to find out if they have been affected by this data breach. You have to go to I’ve been Pwned (HIBP). This is a website to check if their personal data, email and passwords have been compromised through a data breach.

To this end, HIPB collects and analyzes database dumps and splices that contain the leaked account information. All you have to do is enter your email address for verification.

Precautions to be taken

Online comics: 23 million Mangatoon accounts hacked

For those whose personal data has been hacked, it is necessary to do so Change passwords for all online accounts Email, social networking and other services that require identifiers. To enhance security, experts recommend using Long and strong passwords.

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The use of three unrelated random words of at least five characters each makes it possible, for example, to generate this type of password. Use Password manager It can also help.

And since you can never be too careful, feel free to. Enable multi-factor authentication If the option is available. Finally, installing security tools on their devices and machines provides an extra layer of protection in the event of a phishing attempt, for example.

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