$ 23,000 for seven sustainable development projects in Alma

During a press conference on Tuesday, city councilors Veronique Fortin and François Carrier lifted the veil on the selected initiatives. Among them: the creation of an intergenerational garden, the revival of the wooded area by the de la plage Saint-Lucien, the acquisition of equipment for the diversion of surplus crops in the Jardins Mistouk and the Moissons Saguenay-Lac-Saint network. Jeans. Both of these projects receive $ 5,500.

This is the third group of citizen projects to be supported in this way, since the launch of the city’s sustainable development policy in 2017. Véronique Fortin, Chair of the Alma Commission for Sustainable Development, said.

During a press conference on Tuesday in Alma, Counselors Veronique Fortin and François Carrier made an impressive entry by bike.

Photo: Radio Canada / Lori Goebel

The two elected officials entered the press conference on a tandem bike with the aim of promoting active transport.

Incoming projects are many and varied. They directly contribute to decoration and collective enrichment The spotlight is François Carrier, who is also a member of the Sustainable Development Commission in Matua.

Other projects

The deployment of the second stage of Feeder Forest, which notably consists of building a negative energy greenhouse for four seasons and installing an athletics track on the grounds of the Jean Gautier School, receives a financial support of $ 5,000.

Three other projects caught the city’s attention and you will receive a $ 2000 check. This includes improving the aesthetic and ecological aspects of the Jardin du Ruisseau Rouge, developing a community grove at Tournesol Park and improving the massive tire bike paths in the Dam-en-Terre sector.

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Finally, the three citizens behind the Camille-Lavoie School Smart Learning Forest project will be able to count on a $ 1,000 envelope from the municipal vaults.

Dozens of files were submitted to the city. The deadline for completion of each project is December 1, 2021.

With Lori Gebel

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