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25 Years of Passions: Luguentz Dort – Respekte nou

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The documentary film, 25 Years of EmotionsLuguentz Dort: Respect now»Will be presented on Wednesday March 31st at 7:30 PM at RDS and RDS direct.

Despite the fact that he had just performed in a historic uniform for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA, Montréaler Logins Dort couldn’t hide his feelings in front of the camera after the final match, as tears flowed over his play. It was September 2020 and Dort, who was only 20 years old, had just broken the 2006 record owned by LeBron James for most points by an U-22 player in the seventh game of the qualifiers, with 30 points. The rookie was emotional because it was a tough season due to the pandemic, but also because his team had just suffered a heartbreaking elimination against the Houston Rockets. Dort told reporters he was proud of his season and also remembered it had come a long way.

“It’s big. It was hard, you know […] And this team trusted me tremendously. You know, I’m from Montreal and being here with all these players … it was such a big event. I have spent a whole season and am very grateful to him. ”

Luguentz Dort Road

The young man, proud of his Haitian ancestry, grew up in Montreal’s northern red light district. Her mom Erlene raised six children almost alone. Luguentz, fifth in the family, was an overactive boy. In order to properly spend his extra energy, his mom enrolled him in football, but the experience was short-lived. Evolve as a sentinel, find time too long between the big white columns! After the Games, who was still wearing his dirty soccer uniform, he ended up on the wooden floors of town to join his friends. The cries of joy attracted his friends, Dort, who also wanted to have fun. Unsurprisingly, he quit football in favor of his new passion: basketball. It was the beginning of a great love affair with his sport.

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Playing basketball allowed Dort to get away from the bad company of him in his neighborhood. On the floors he meets his childhood friend Sean Barthelemy. At the start of high school, Bartelly invited him to participate in the basketball team trials at Calixa Lavallée School in Parc-Extension, which is famous for having one of the best sports study programs for basketball in Quebec. Initially, coach Nelson Oussie wasn’t a fan of Dort, but he still saw some potential due to his physique. Although Dort is far from the best player, he has been kept in the team.

When his father returns to Haiti, Dort turns to his coach, Nelson Osei, who will become his mentor. Their relationship is not alien to Dort’s meteoric progression. Within a year, he went from being one of the worst players to one of the best in the league. Ossé has an explanation for his success:

“What sets Luguentz apart from any other player on the basketball court is that he is tenacious in whatever he does. If you ask him to do so. scorer Thirty, he will find a way to do it; If you ask him to watch the best player on the other team, he will find a way to do so. Never complain. “

Guided by his perseverance and resilience, Dort inherited the qualities of his mother who were role models to him on a daily basis. And these qualities are transferred on earth! Due to his physical fitness, Dort often clashes with his opponents, but every time he wakes up with superhuman strength. The young man is very successful in basketball, but on the school bench, he is far from a typical student. He has difficulties with his career due to his lack of motivation, but he knows he must have good grades if he wishes to pursue an athletic studies program. From his mom’s point of view, the most important thing is to study and Luguentz knows very well that this is non-negotiable: School will always come before basketball! His mother’s persistence pushes him to dig his nose in the books. With his eyes focused on his dream of making it to the NBA, he is a hard-working.

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Barring those bad influences lurking around him, Nelson Oussie proposes to go and study at Eduard Munpetet School to fix the bar. His grades are improving at his new school, but not enough. It’s destined for academic failure and Ossé must make an important decision. To save his year, he suggests that he enroll at Lucien-Pagé School, where he will be closely followed through his school life with Alder Pierre, director of the basketball program. In Lucien-Pagé, Dort has gone to camp enemy number one at the Calixa Lavallée school in the floors while there is an intense rivalry between these two schools! The decision appears to be correct as its first post is showing clear improvement.

At the age of fifteen, Dort was a rising star and decided to move to the United States, Florida, to continue his education. On the school benches, he learned English and on the parquet floors, he caught the attention of many universities. The goalkeeper took his choice in Arizona in 2018. After just one season with the Sun Devils, he climbed to the top rookies across the United States and his exploits earned him the rookie title of the year in the NFL Second Division.

Even if it seemed premature, his coach Bobby Hurley advised him to try his luck in the NBA. Dort brims with confidence, so he’s counting on draft 2019 to achieve his goal. He sits in the bleachers of Barclays Center in Brooklyn with his mother, sister, and Nelson Oussie, ready to hear his name. However, things are not going as planned. To the amazement of the great Camp Dort, the day of his dreams turns into a nightmare: no team chooses it. Dort leaves the arena with a sad heart, but quickly wipes his tears when he receives a call from the Oklahoma City Thunder a few hours later. The door opens and he will have the opportunity to make the other 29 teams in the NBA regret being ignored! Dort agrees with the thunder by impressing him in the junior season in 2020.

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In the game you can read the words Respect us In Creole on the back of his thunder shirt. A vital message in favor of respect for Haitians. Dort wants to give hope to young people and set a good example for those who dream of following in his footsteps. Early in his career, there was no indication that he would be the record-breaking person set by the great LeBron James. It will be his perseverance that will allow him to realize his dream.

Luguentz Dort discusses his journey into the NBA

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